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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Microsoft .NET installed?
Yes, Microsoft .NET 2.0 is required.
However, since all latest versions of Windows come with .NET preinstalled, it is most likely that you already have it.

Do you support FAT32 drives?
In short, no.
We chose to support NTFS drives for indexing speed of that file system. FAT32 is very slow.
Send your requests if you really need this archaic file system support.

Does Pipy tracks file system changes in real time?
No, currently it doesn’t.
But Pipy updates its index every 30 minutes to keep it up-to-date. You can change update interval in LocalSearch plugin settings.
We are going to add support for live updates in future releases.

What about licensing? Is it trial, free or open-source?
Pipy is unrestricted closed-source freeware.
It can be downloaded for free, installed on multiple PCs and it has no time limitations.